Oh, So Happy!


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Oh, So Happy!

Ever After

A workshop where you learn to CREATE your own happiness

In the last two decades scientists have discovered the science behind what makes people permanently happy!! They have created formulas, methods, techniques, and practices that can actually make us happier. 

In this workshop, Neha teaches your people those magic formulas and shows them how to CREATE their own happiness! Your people learn to zap away their stress, become more resilient, raise their happiness set points and find joy even amidst excessive pressure and problems.

In short, they learn to be Oh, So Happy! Ever After!

In life and at work. 


Oh, So Happy!


A team building workshop where you create Happy Teams

A happy team is a productive team. 

In this workshop Neha shows your teams how to build stronger bonds, fix broken ties, foster deeper connections, and develop life-long relationships. It’s a workshop that transforms the dynamics of your team, creating a team full of love, peace, trust, and belonging!

In turn, they not only become like a close knit family, they also work together happily - and produce amazing results!


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3-4 Hours. 

Can be customised

No of People

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10 - 10,000


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The workshops are Interactive | packed with storytelling | games | dynamic exercises |meditations | music | and peppy dances, and not only promise to keep your people engaged and learning all along, but also guarantee to be OODLES OF FUN !

since 2014